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About us

Jan and Annet Hoeven wish you a warm welcome in their holiday apartment 'Boven Jan'.

They live in this town villa themselves and rent the 1st and 2nd floor to you.

Because they want you to enjoy this unique place at the centuries-old ramparts of the beautiful city of Enkhuizen.

Staying in 'Boven Jan' and 'Deo Annuente (EH 1)'

Jan Hoeven, originally a fisherman by profession, has been harbor master for more than 30 years and rents out his 'Deo Annuente (EH 1)' in addition to the 'Boven Jan' holiday apartment. The ship, which Jan himself transformed into a luxury holiday home, has Enkhuizen as home port.


Annet Hoeven was born and raised in Enkhuizen, works as an executive secretary in a municipality near Amsterdam and also likes to travel the world (preferably together with Jan).


The positive reactions they received from guests staying at the 'Deo Annuente' gave them the idea of ​​giving their town villa a make-over.
Centrally located so the Randstad, Utrecht, Flevoland and Friesland can be reached easily with a short car or train ride (or even by ship).

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